Mentally unstable musicians/artists

ToM Cat


detroit mi-1989

started death cat in 2008.

avant garde poet with a jolt of lightening making noise for other basket cases feel love, jive & glow in the madness, shifting it.  meowwww!


Ryan skaggs

space bass

los angeles-ca-1985

3rd eye first swooning and grooving in a brash crashing slide there's no humanoid that can hide from this creatures intuitive charm.  Yes ladies, he has 10 toes(we think).


self synthesizer

detroit mi-2009










George ramonesp

Bass guitar

george brings a straight forward fury with his fast and hard bass banging. giving no fucks




DEATH CAT was formed officially in 2008 by ToM Cat(ToM Zarzecki) in redford michigan.  the band went through two drummers & two synth players, releasing a demo, album, EP, appearing on a 54am record compilation, & their 1st improv album.

in 2010 the band relocated to Chigao IL where Death Cat comics #1 was released.  The band continued working on their 2nd album, also releasing 2 more Gatto di Morte improv albums as well as shorts videos & started their documentary "The curse of the death cat".  The band also started a collective cult called "Nothing".

in 2011, "Submit to Nothing" the 2nd album was released.  Through "Nothing" the first zine was released.  The band reformed.

in 2012 the documentary & 3rd album "Guadare la Morte in Faccia" was released and the band broke up later that year after ToM moved back to Michigan.

2012-2013 death cat did a few Gatto di Morte improv shows & worked on the feature film "Telepathic telephones".

in 2014 the band reformed in Los Angeles , releasing an EP, album, and working on films such as "the horrible experiments of dr.Quack" & "Death Cat vs. The Mole-People.  They have officially toured and are currently working on a new zine, comic book, radio show, album, feature film & countless other insanities.

-Oshka Kuwalski


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