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photo by Jessie Wells

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DEATH CAT was formed officially in 2008 by ToM Cat(ToM Zarzecki) in redford michigan.  the band went through two drummers & two synth players, releasing a demo, album, EP, appearing on a 54am record compilation, & their 1st improv album.
in 2010 the band relocated to Chicago IL where Death Cat comics #1 was released.  The band continued working on their 2nd album, also releasing 2 more Gatto di Morte improv albums as well as shorts videos & started their documentary "The curse of the death cat".  The band also started a collective cult called "Nothing".
in 2011, "Submit to Nothing" the 2nd album was released.  Through "Nothing" the first zine was released.  The band reformed.
in 2012 the documentary & 3rd album "Guadare la Morte in Faccia" was released and the band broke up later that year after ToM moved back to Michigan.
2012-2013 death cat did a few Gatto di Morte improv shows & worked on the feature film "Telepathic telephones".
in 2014-2021 the band reformed in Los Angeles , releasing zero EP, Horrible halloween noizes, abstraction ep, dodobird/dirt/eyeball & death cat vs christmas albums. completing shorts as "the horrible experiments of dr.Quack" ,professor mexico moose monster & "Death Cat vs. The Mole-People.  The band began actual u.s. & canadian tours as well.
death cat has yet again reformed in detroit mi, while maintaining members in california. recently released films such as "planet 9 from meouwter space".
the cosmic cats album began recording in 2019 and has yet to be finished, while horror punk songs are also currently in the works.

-Oshka Kuwalski


current members
tom cat/count cat:                    vocals, guitar, synth, drum machines(2008-meow)
demodog-1138/demondog 138:                                  self synthesizer(2010-meow)
briana roman/catpira:                               keyboard/backing vocals(2021-meow)
max grean/professor nuts n bolts:                          bass/back vocals(2021-meow)
grayson:                                                                          drums(2021-meow)

george hanna-wilson                                        bass/backing vocals(2018-meow)
ryan skaggs/space skaggs                                      bass/backing vocals2014-meow)
harry cloud                                                                      drums(2015-meow)

past members
jade dunn                                                                   drums (2008-2009)
austin "scummy bear" sowersby                                               keyboard(2009)
seth mehan                                                           drums (2009-2010/2016)
joseph o'seph                                                             keyboard(2009-2011)

jesse kimo knowles                                      keyboard/backing vocals(2011-2012)
melissa birckhead                                             drums/backing vocals (2011-2012)

spirit sanctus                                                               accordion (2014-2017)
matt d                                                                             drums (2014-2015)
nikolitsa Boutieros                                                           drums (2017-2019)
batman catman                                                              keyboard (2017-2019)
kt kinetic                                                         sax/backing vocals (2017-2018)