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Planet 9 from MeOuwter Space

is the new sci-fi horror comedy from Planet 9 Films!

It is a spoof off of Plan 9 from Outer Space where Cat Aliens plan to take over the Earth by re-animating the dead into deadly cat-monsters!

We're proud ot announce this film will not only pay homage to Ed Wood's classic film but include an array of talents such as The Radioactive Chicken Heads, DEATH CAT, David the ROCK Nelson, along with other underground legends of our time!

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Written & Directed by ToM Zarzecki

Tommy Purr as Inspector Clunch

Count Cat & Catpira as the Cat Monsters!

Crispin Rosenkranz as Detective Shelby Renquist

Ambush Nicholson as himself

Madelyne Cruelly as Indrid Cold

David the ROCK Nelson as the Grave digger

and featuring The Radioactive Chickenheads!

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