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Planet 9 Film Festival is an independent festival that features unique & interesting films made by people from all over the world.  The festival focuses on themes of originality, sci-fi, horror, experimental & consciousness.
The festival was created by indie filmmakers as a means to build community & connection among lesser known indie/DIY filmmakers.
It is for the Under-the Underground.
Planet 9 FILM Fest 2021 most likely will be online if we do not hear back from our top secret cool venue this year due to the risk factor of the pandemic.

The Event will be hosted by Count Cat & Catpira!
Prizes range from gift certificates, trick-or-treat bags, to selected filmmaker interviews that will be
 on "Pixelated Something Contraption", the Death Cat Internet show as well as our potcat(podcast) Scrambled Anything Device.

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Count Cat     


Celebrity Judges:

Crispin Rosenkranz

Carrot Top & Rockin' Robin 


Radioactive Chickenheads

Unkle Spooky

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1st -Nuetrals

2nd-Murder Pool

3rd- Samhain:Evil Never Dies



Bloody Kiss


1st RUFFY & The Shopping Plaza of the DEAD
3rd Cannabis Cannibals
Best Horror Comedy: Bong of the Living Dead
Most Absurdly Hilarious: Aliens with Knives
Most Relevant Creative Film: JUICE
Best Supernatural Drama: Bobby
Best Experimental Narrative: Darkness

1st Scumbag 
2nd The Crows of Culver
3rd Sweetheart 
Most Bad Ass Film: What Metal Girls Are Into

1st Chicago Rot
2nd Leaf Blower Massacre 2
3rd About Change

Los Angeles 2017

Fetish Factory

Dick Ripper

Super Fun Show wiht Learning

Chicago 2017

The Darkening Hallows

The Efilist


Hamtramck 2017

Omniwave Refresher


How they Almost Got ‘Em

Well done, entangled drunken stories around a campfire!  Funny & entertaining as hell!


The Bat and the Matt

Dr.Suess speed.  Poetry to see by animation, wee! A fun toon to tell.


Nas duncan & FIre by Bartolotom

The coolest movie eye ever did watch quite franken stein lee harvey oswald was framed. ACID VISION VIBES glow on that MEOW!  Ya gotta experience this film..For real, dawg.  It was fun! Musical smudge visualization sensation of huh huh yeah yam.

SAVE the ENVIRONMENT Mutha Gaia We all 1 organism.



Back in Time

Tony Colangelo

Time travel movie.  Cool concept, cool colors, cool music.  I thought both actors were the same person on and off. You know....time travel!   Loved their tesla orb for a fluxcapacitor. 




by bellopropello

I enjoyed the music and vibe of the video.  Not a fan of the animation style although hard work went into it.  The video description seems more artistic with the < alteration> and talking about how phones and technology have altered human conscious design.  I’ve seen so many videos and even animations f masses of people on their phones to make a point about it before. Regardless, it’s an important message. 



Pin Ball Alter

Pin ball games rule. Would love to have projected this all over a room if we did an actual  in person festival this year!



The Split 

Xiao Ming

Parents who try t run their children’s lives should all watch this short film.  Sometime’s making the best choice doesn[t make others happy.   I bet the actor had a blast rearing up that room.  I hope the ink was non toxic!



The Music Machine

 Frida Feline Nilsen

Great video.  Love the emotion, vibe, aesthetic.  Very eerie, haunting.  The monsters remind me of Grant Morrison insectoid alien demons.  Very impressed with the video.  The somber singer songwriter song fits pretty well in the beginning, but as the video went on, I didn’t think it did.  That’s my viewpoint anycowabunga.  I felt cold harsh noise music would have better suited the visuals.



by Heather Knott

Cosmic consciousness.  Humanity.  Evolution.  


Head Down by Benjamin Stewart

Great video! awesome colors, great cuts, cool old skool vibe. Love the mummy monster, graveyard, everything visual. Significantly better than the generic grunge rock music. The guitar wriff is pretty cool though. The song and video don’t match.  



Flood in Ancient Prophecies

Directed by Shihyun Wang

Good information, boring presentation.


Some Kind of Hummanity

by Rock Brenner

Interesting look into the filmmaker’s isolation, observations and how he as a weirdo lives in a world full of weirdos.  A documentary of his experience with grotesque pornographic kinks.  Sounds like he’s asexual yet fascinated by what he finds disturbing.  Done genuinely and cut together nicely. 





Other than it being a little pizza chloe pig slow to drop through, I am writing this to professionally recommend every earth creature watch .  Sit down and stand up sitcom following 12 girls(minus 9), together for never like ACID fight sorrow cry wut fruckin biiiitch.   graphic audio scenes and PSA commentary leads viewers to see the film if they watch with their eyes.  Not recommended for the simultaneously blind and deaf.  Clearly shot in 1994, this negative laugh track applauds itself.  




Normal Porn for Normal People

by Amber Rose McNeil

Collage of human violence from various movies & such depicting the normalization of violence in western society.  Ends with Ted Bundy bullshitting his way out of his actions at the end.  Still remains the question of “Does violence in media perpetuate violence in real life?”  or is violence in art the only place it does belong?  Does it help as an outlet of humanities dark nature or amp it up?  The cuts in rhythm with the song “Fame” was clever & humorous.  



If someone or something that is your soul to survive, don’t say goodbye.  A very dramatic sci-fi piece with great tone. What a stupid asshole astronaut though. Sacrifices i suppose.





Just like punk rock, there’s never a dull moment in this high tension, action packed, well done video.  Great soundtrack and very angry bad guy!



Dramatic, quirky, thought provoking.  What’s more awkward, human social interaction or taking love advice form AI?  Well done.



Under ConTroll

The film wasn’t accessible but the trailer gives the impression that this may be one of the coolest, over the top, fun and absurd films of the decade.


The Shadows of Life

A fun, creative, new classic tale of love, loss, more life and memories.



 ] Seance- Groovy eerie cinematography with a hauntingly alluring score. Delectable lighting highlighting the  Spooktacular skeleton deadface


[ ] Bunny Boy

Great soundtrack mixed with eerie silence. EXTREME and chill to the point if there ever was one. It was good. You watch now.


[ ] The puppet and the pie- comfortably old cold and bold with anticipation and the loudest silent film you'll see incorporating the seven deadly sins, gonna die with that pie



Creatively surreal, creepazoid scum but am entertaining bucket to stir into the eyes. The odds are lucky in the end.

[ ] MERCY~thought it was a kink sex film , and the twist with the cat saved the whole story , have mercy and they did


 MURDER POOL- The music, and the deaths between the time lapses were by far my favorite part. Fun and probably a true story , besides the dead fish two paws up


 QUEEN OF THE DEAD slow at first even thought it was a silent film,  but then it builds up to a real story with people talking to help the plot which leads to death,  which is always nice

Gazed DETOURNED- EYE SEE THEY took googly eyes and shook things around. Eye don't want to spoil it but beauty is in the eye of the beholder


FASHION TRASHIN erika timko... all i have to say is I want more episodes of that's obscure hand puppetry.


COEXISTENCE Japanese film was a unique take on relationships with a cute not so cute creature that brought the couple together,  and having the creature oversized moments later. Lesson learned don't restart a relationship based on feeding the monster together 


Nas Duncan & Fire directed by Bartolotom [Green purple orange ] if you've never been on an acid  then this movie will be a great introduction to an aMUSING acid trip. There may be several subtle messages about air pollution to simply saving the environment. A myriad of messages were interpreted thru

Golden Sunsolo Planet ****An acid trip through evolution.  Plenty of dinosaurs, sins from SIMS, and Orbs projecting energy of sonar waves


[ ] Area 420 * he immediately bored me , and found himself turning his back to the screen and faring in its general direction .



The ongoing experiment continues to wreck chaos, havok at a less functioning level!  Wacky and A TRUE STORY.  Weird is good.  This is weird wacky whoa, yeah.


Newt: The Invincible Ball Boy

Very fun, wacky but lovable cartoon.


In Action

A genius, entertaining, funny and action packed comedy that pretty much features only two characters.  Production cost genius, and very enticing comedic possibly real drama.


Reviews by Crispin Rosenkranz (judge of the 2018 Planet 9 Film Fest)

Girl and A Scar written and directed by David Cave

There is not a word of dialogue which is a treat, and makes for a different viewing experience than most of the other submissions we have received this year. At first, the situations that take place are bordering just on the edge of reality,in that they could conceivably be real experiences of someone in an extreme psychological state, but through the trajectory, what we see quickly evolves into pure deranged fantasy. The story is important yet whatever this film may evoke, whatever the story will mean to each individual viewer will vary greatly. It is very visceral and violent without resorting to unnecessary gore. The attention put in to the flawless, strange and unpredictable art design make for a delicious voyeuristic experience. There's an endless parade of horrible images that you don’t want to take your eyes off, even for a second, unless you need to throw up. The beautiful and talented Ileana Cardy carries the film with her unspoken emotionality, physicality embodiment of a nightmarish internal landscape. The only thing distracting is the brief use of contact lenses in the eyes of one character. Knowing these contacts are not real, we wonder why we are being asked to accept this convention while with everything in the rest of the film suspension of disbelief is much easier.



Apollyon by Matt Burkett and Chelsea Stone  

This amazing short is showcases startling gothic images, with narration from the mind of the central character. What’s interesting is how well the voice of the female lead character Jade fuses with the silent physicality of the on-screen actress portraying Jade. The woman voicing the piece is Ciara Davie and the on camera performer is Becky Jo Harris. Harris, a prolific actress who despite not living in Los Angeles, acts in an array of films and commercials, and this piece is a departure from her comedic character performances. Jade wanders through disaster after disaster in Burkett’s nightmarish vision. In the end, you might just need a Remington Microscreen to take care of your arm hairs, which are guaranteed to be standing on end, or we give you your money back.



The Shed by Jerry Landi (for audio review)

This film is about a pair of stoners who find themselves in a zombie outbreak in their home in The Bronx. A brilliant, humorous take on the genre with two dudes who could not be more authentic in their regional accents. It looks like they had fun making this project too. It is the kind of short you would expect to see played on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, the cable access of the 5 boroughs of New York City, and that is what is lovely about it. 



 by Yoichi Hosono

With just the right amount of style to give the film a unique look yet not distract from the story, Euterpe imagines a world without love. Love, when the futuristic city’s residents experience it, is considered “noise” to be silenced. They have machines to do the trick. Whether purposeful or not, the perfectly appropriate effects are reminiscent of the 1976 sci-fi classic, Logan’s Run, without the miniatures. Adding to what makes this a great film is while watching, we also find ourselves reading the cultural metaphors, the story taking place in a futuristic Japan. 


Death Van

by Michael Enzbrunner

Among the first images we are treated to in this part stop motion, part computer animated artwork is a soldier riding a rat, and the insanity just escalates up from there in this musical fantasy short. What a bad ass piece of work. Your inner Beavis and/or Butthead will say, “Whow!” 



Those who can die

by Charlotte Cayeux

Zoe Garcia plays a newly admitted resident of a “school,” where some shady bizznach is being perpetrated. Long moments of silence add to the eery, sterile feelings of life in this institution. They don’t talk much there. Playing like a French alternative music video to Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, Those Who Can Die may be taken to be a metaphor for the lobotomizing effects of a society that inherently instills fear, restricts freedom and demands obedience. The French know how to make a statement! Look closely and you may find a reference made towards the Japanese erotic classic, In the Realm of the Senses.



by Melissa Yes

Artist Melissa Yes explores the trickster archetype in this composition which draws from found footage and Road Runner cartoons wherein Will E. Coyote is turned into a piece of experimental glitch art. Yes, an interdisciplinary artist, proves herself a master of the found footage genre and keeps the work funny, entertaining and captivating. No insult to the genre, but making it work on all the levels is not an easy thing to do. What sets Coyote apart from the array of video art out there is not just the choice of subject matter, but the artist’s sense of time apparent in the editing and the way her piece puts us in the mind of the subject.


Dead Celebrities

by Michael Fausti

A guy fixing a toilet talks to his friend about fame and what it takes to get there. Apparently it has something to do with bathrooms and water. As you watch this beautifully shot and narrated cinematic poem, you will be glad you were never famous and will hope never to be.


Doctor of Monster

by Gustavo Teixeira

Talented child actors star in this family-friendly horror comedy by Brazilian filmmaker Gustavo Teixeira. Never knew scary monsters could be this cute and cuddly. A film starring kids and for kids, this piece may be a starter kit for the next generation of scary filmmakers and their fans.


Cyndi’s Birthday Party

by August Aguilar

Jonas is lured to a girl's mysteriously quiet birthday party, and called downstairs by the creepiest voice ever, resulting in not so hilarious consequences. If there is a moral to the story, it's to stay home and never go out. Featuring great child actors like in Doctor of Monster, the production succeeds despite less expensive looking art design and cinematography. It is all the more lovely because of those limits.



First Night (2014) and Bonne Personne (2016)

by Philippe Bourret


One Canadian filmmaker submitted two of his films to Planet 9 this year. They both were intense robbing us of our sense of feeling safe and secure even after the movie is done. Bourret draws you in to the dangerous world he creates with his hip, relatable characters. Bourret is on his way to becoming an Auteur of a particular directorial style. There are interesting similarities in how both stories begin, and how they are paced. Both feature cruel men, lots of blood, violence and women getting attacked in awful ways with their clothes off. Not out of the ordinary for horror and suspense films, but he uses a particular approach to nudity where although it is present, it is unimportant. The improvement of craft is apparent when watching the two films together, one being 2 years older than the other. In both films, the actors delivery of their lines were always good, sometimes great. Matthew Saliba, whose portrayal of the bad cop in First Night is a cross between Psycho Cop and Ace Ventura. Sometimes though, the viewer may wish for more than just pure evil, or for the camera to linger a little longer on his face so we can catch a subtle give-away of emotion. Bonne Personne’s disturbing special effects were good but the film might have benefitted from a medical advisor on set for realism. It would be interesting to hear the director talk about how his work relates to the body, and what he is trying to say about the human figure in his art. Hope to see more work from this team at next year’s festival. 


Written & Directed by Rob Krisch

This short film is a well knit horror thriller. The opening grabs your attention with a crow smashing into a family’s windshield. The movie is done in three simple but very well done styles fused into one. There’s the standard 4th wall camera, the Blair Witch style cell phone recordings by the father character ands the vision from the Crows.

A happy family of four find their very young daughter Sadie, becoming intrigued by crows that begin to flock around their home after an ancient artifact is placed in their home. Her intrigue becomes more of a quirky obsession until she wears the artifact as a necklace. Then things get even more eerie after a frantic voicemail from the mother. The actors are convincing and the children do an excellent job. The pacing is perfect and the aesthetic of costumes, scenes and event vibe well as a familiar middle class American Fall. The editing is tight and with the music it gives you shivers of your own intrigue. A very well put together piece worth watching every October.

-ToM Zarzecki/Planet 9 Film Fest 2018



Super cool score to the film.  The make up is amazing, the acting is great.  The tight shots keep the fear and suspense going.  I still don’t know what exactly happened but it has a classic feel to this horror short that makes it much better than many modern gore crap flicks.


Mining Moon

This film was cool because it takes you into it’s own universe while touching on very real issues here on Earth.  Slavery, greed, exploitation & some crazy fight moves!



Despite the horrible acting this was still entertaining to watch.  Great cinematography, unique concept, eerie feel, cool graveyard.  


Father’s Day

Fuckin metal and metaphysical.   Boy being trained as a psycho assassin kills his Jedi master for self imploding perfection!



Sexiest, bloodiest film of the year!  Funny montages & was really interesting to pay attention to.  Of course, those kids would run into a psychopath, living in Marshall Michigan, where else!?



Hocking the black goo scarecrow!  This is great.  It’s a total nightmare.  The main actor is perfect for the character and is interesting to watch as he goes through his torment.  The scarecrow is eerie and even more eerie, simple and perfect is the use of light and actual shadow in this.  9 severed heads given to this!


The Scream of the Screaming Screamer

Hilarious.  Reoccurring nightmares plague a woman until they become manifest in her life, finally waking up as her own nightmare!  It’s online, check it out.



Directors on Directing

Kind of funny and pretty much true!  Good quality entertainment, meow.


Super  Idiots

This movie did not make me want to own a gun any less but it did thouroughly entertain me with the excessively necessary de-sensitized violence cause that shit was a straight up music video of a wacky hell of a time!



Whistle! whistle! hmm hmm! That dude seems ok with someone about to turn him into a human sex zombie, so it reminds that we need to all realize we exist within our own individual karma based off our countless infinite consciousness.

Oops, I ruined the ending!



Bitch, Popcorn & Blood by Fabio Soares

Fun to watch.  Great set, lighting, costumes, good rythm/flow.

Chick who is tired of running and being pushed around shoots a bunch of mofos up.

bad plot but everything else rules.


Fast paces post apocalypse suspense!


Incognito Lounge

Relatable classic earth problems in space.  Pretty neat cgi that makes it feel like this space lounge is 1998.

Space Detective

A cool, unique visual experience with great cultural references of the world set in the space age.  Action & sex in a classic detective story way.  This was a little hard to get through but pretty cool.


Restricted Vision by Jukebox Headaches

Poetic, humorous, pieced together well.  Does what art is supposed to do.  The dead animals were gross.


Princess Sparkly Butt

I can’t wait for the continuation!

Even though I don’t like computer graphics or the style of music, I love this film!  

It’s humorous, playful, absurd, and grabs your attention.  The classic plot of an arranged marriage of fairy tale type of world mixed with sci-fi action.  The Princess has a magical gift in which her butt can stop time!  Her and her hot dog Prince friend go on the run to be who they truly are!



Very cheesy & direct.  I like how the inner conflict comes out of nowhere at the end.  This movie was truly a great journey that viewers are taken on with these kids and their spontaneous crime & music excitement throws them in a whirlwind. Great music too except the last song!  I recommend seeing this film.


The She in Me

Transformative, performance based, music video with amazing makeup, movement & editing.



The Couchening

Fun, creative, & thrilling!
A woman finds a couch at a garage sale & it seems to have life within that is not too friendly to her or her date!



Planet Republic

This film was a combination of not funny and funny because of the various levels of ridiculousness!  It’s a series about a paranormal press team struggling to survive against frat boy douche bag journalists.  The voice over adr ads to the flavor.


The Candle

Every cliche done intentionally just right here.  A girl makes a wish for her dreams to come true.  This short keeps your attention the entire time, is funny as a mofo & was shot with excellent quality & performance.  Fuck yes.



This is like a standalone piece of art.  It’s a thought that popped in someone’s head and they turned it into a film! Without ruining it, all I shall say is, watch it.


In Through the Night & Lilt

Jose Cuneo’s work is elegant, subtle, human, & somewhat poetic. In Through the Night & Lilt focus on very real human feeling & thought, particularly of dancers.  Although these films did not particularly keep my interest at the time, they are done well in terms of conveying specific feelings of wonder, melancholy & evaluation.  The score is great.



This film needs to be turned into an entire feature.  The end leaves you thirsty for more.  Every second of it is interesting.  A mysterious woman with no identity is some sort of special weapon.  An interesting woman who is thrown out of a bar takes this mysterious special woman home after she finds her collapsed in the street when things begin to unfold!


Rotten Love

Unique & good acting by the killer.  The story is conveyed a little obviously but it’s good because it shows the mental state in which the characters are in.  Bloody good short!


Attack of the Handface People

More terrifying than the Exorcist!  Don’t watch this film without your eclipse glasses!



Extreme emotional horror.  Black and white in a triad.  A good eerie film as a woman turns psychopathic at work due to her daddy doll trauma


The Darkening Hollows
Abstract psychedelic monster cursed runaway! Sexist horror!


CineBasura: The Movie

This was fun.  It’s about two friends who are struggling with their relationship as everything goes wrong & the Earth is attacked by the very b-movie type of creatures they review on their own show!



Absolutely amazing cinematography that plays a huge role in showing the mental terror & perspective of the main character.  I love how the story somewhat BLEEDS into the loops of what’s going on.  I think this shows how being pushed too far for beauty can only be grotesque. 


She Rises

Godamn this movie is crazy!  Oh, I shouldn’t take the lord’s name in vein.  Psychedelic horror comedy mind melt of reality & acting.  A Hollywood film couple end up stranded at their new succubus talent’s house in the middle of a dream that’s more of a nightmare that they’re fully engrossed.  Great performances, great storyline, great execution, this movie is amazing.


Fetish Factory

This film is fun, funny, sexy & an all around good time!  Not the first time we’ve seen female dancers attacked by zombies but these are great, unique characters with their own personality & style.  We get to enjoy the full burlesque fun and things get intimately deadly as zombies make their way into the one of my favorite places in L.A., Hm157!  One of the best horror comedies of the 21st Century.


An Elder Man

twisted, mental, ritualistic, two styles in one of a deranged horror movie of sacrifice.


Waiting for the Storm

One twist after the next in this home invasion.  Things get worse as secrets are revealed and political, religious & social thoughts arise. The storm never feels like it actually comes.




Creative film about a woman and a young boy struggling through the brutality of life and abuse.  Well done.  



This film is cool because it’s about fighting a very real oppression.  Set in the “future”, a militia that reminds me of a cross between Jedi & Mortal Kombat soldiers fight for peace as the rich have taken over all necessary resources.  High concept.  Cool, locations, pretty good acting.  



A video diary clip of a man who holds his integrity after a nuclear war.  Intense, mysterious, has you craving for more! Bark! Bark!


Waking a Monster

Anyone’s story is interesting if you really listen.  This film takes life stories & through some animation, puppetry & re-enactment, you get to see into the life and psychosis of the person.  



True art.  Real stuff.  Completely insanely great!  The shots seem to go on too long & dead pigs are gross but everything else about this film blew me the fuck away!  One of the most unique films of the year & beyond.  This had the most interesting villain & monster fights that remind me of the cool creatures from the 1950’s but this kept the energy pumpin’ & the mind cracking! 8 dicks up! 10 pentagrams! 


The Werewolf’s Greatest Hit

Spooky mad serotonin boostin’ howl of a good time!


Bye Felicia: Wrath of the Girl Next Door

Great acting & a bloody mess of a good time!  A revenge style short with seeming homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Carrie.  



A group of friends are in an old mental asylum that’s haunted by secrets from the past.  Great character development.  We really get to see these  things unfold in a surprising way.



Performance art through a cool 8 legged narrative of being trapped by a giant spider woman.  This was bloodtaking!


Disregard the Vampire

A documentary on the process of indie filmmaking by Mike Messier.  This film is relatable for myself & any undercat/underdog indie filmmaker.  It talks about the massive amount of inspiration, motivation, dedication and trial and error of making a film.  From inspiration to execution... or not.  My favorite part is him talking to himself being critical. Filmmaking is the most difficult medium to execute This is the struggle for the artist.  


The Bus Trip

A brilliantly shot and animated documentary detailing the adventures of an Israeli film student on a bus trip. The animation is reminiscent of “A Scanner Darkly”, with beautiful, hand-drawn images superimposed over real film. The story is both captivating and heart-felt, a unique slice of life imperative to understanding a perspective and culture on the other side of the world. 


My Aunt Mame

A family drama told through stop motion toys.  A story touching on healthcare politics & culture.  This was beautiful.  Everyone should have free healthcare.  People for the people.


Oh My

A journey through seeking sound.  A magical journey outward.  Cartoooooon!!



The pourage! THe pourage!




Fuck this movie, I love it! It’s the premise of “Revenge of the Hamburgers”  A psychotic dickhead kid catches up with his karma when mutant frogs come back for justice!  You hate the main character and see a villain in a new way as his roommate confronts him about his behavior and tries to help, making the cast in depth actors.  The end fucking rules, duuuuude!


The Coop

Self repressed & haunted christian extremist has a camp where she pretends to try to make kids lives better but is insane.  Other characters find love & good times trapped within the walls except when the main lady says fucked up shit.  I rate this 5 Yams!


Lemon Eyes

The editing pacing is in contrast to the story vibe.  Other than that the movie’s pretty interesting.


Kudzu Zombies

The best part is the attack at the carnival with the biker couple make-out & seeing all the tents & clowns and people going nuts.  Nice array of characters.  It was difficult for awhile to tell if this was a serious or comedic film but either way it’s sure to be loved by any zombie fanatic!  Pretty great make up & blood effects to go along with non stop action.


Hold Onto My Breathe Again

A very beautiful, and magical stop motion video of sand, featuring penguins!  Lonely robot walking around eerily as the sky does this cool blue twinkle.  The music felt kinda modest mouse and the music is pretty post grunge sounding. 


Once Upon a Planet

A very touching story about aliens that share a modern earth cultural communication.  Morse code & nudes.


My Heart is a Lure

Inquisitive & fishy.  An existential fish and a fish person catching themselves within each other’s heads and stomaches perhaps.  Abstract art of mother nature.  Thank bog they didn’t use real fish, only real fish people.


God Came ‘Round

A very stylized film that’s basically a rad and sad music video.  Great tune too! It’s a humorous, sad, & quirky story of a heart broken man who can’t enjoy the strange and interesting life he has if his love isn’t there. 27 bloody moons!



Basically a sensual sci-fi porn.  Set in a futuristic cyberpunk world, It’s about using brain implants  to further tap into sensual, sexual experience.  Unique concept & super cool set & wardrobe design.  


The Weed Whacker Massacre

Do I even odd need to say?? Blood, dramatically hilarious, GREAT ACTING wink wink.  This was a great cut!



Two equally annoying opposite men are subject to a survival test by unethical scientists.  After they learn to barely survive each other’s extreme modern and outdated personalities, they find that the real thing i about to suck even more. Or at least they’re relief is now gone.


TGF Marathon Gay Sex for Manly Men

This was totally gay and metal up the ass!  A must see/hear experience you bunch of heteros!

Six dicks with guitar picks up!


A Scream Trapped Inside

This film has incredible atmosphere.  Everything from the lighting to the nightmarish flashes of the haunting moments creeping all over form left to right.  Vengeance & sticky notes!


Virtual Reality

Too many video games will be the death of you!  This was a fun film where the game & reality mix into murder! Great acting, great cinematography, great set design.



Ringo Rocket Star & His song for Yuri Gagarin 

The opening scene is really gross & I hated it but everything else was amazingly hilarious, super cool looking, fun sounding & sadly relatable for Death Cat!

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