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DEATH CAT vs Christmas

comedy art-house

DEATH CAT goes to war with Corporate Clause Cola

after Grandma is murdered for her sweaters.  The band faces off with the Snowman Mafia, drugged up reindeer & elf robots.

Telepathic Telephones

experimental sci-fi feature

Telepathic Telephones

is a movie in which

viewers are watching themselves. It follows two burnouts chasing a one eyed hobo through various dimensions for the sake of insanity.

Death Cat vs. the Mole-People

experimental comic video

Death Cat searches for their kidnapped friend under an abandoned mental asylum.

The Horrible Experiments of Dr.Quack

short horror comedy

Valerie becomes concerned when she realizes that her friend Melvin's medicine is causing him to act differently.

Moon 13 Cafe

short music comedy

DEATH CAT pushes the limits of a cafe owner and the possum break lose!

Potato Asylum

short stop-motion

just watch it.

The Curse of the Death Cat

mockumentary feature

The Curse of the Death Cat is a mockumentary on the band about their rise & fall, cult, drug addiction and attempt to destroy the universe.

Moon Hippies.jpg

Revenge of the Hamburgers

[in re-development]

animal's rise from the dead to wreak revenge on their oppressors.